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FAQs about Translation

Q. Can't one of my foreign-speaking employees translate my document?
R. The use of a professional translator is critical to a well done translation. The ability to speak a foreign language is not always enough to ensure that the subtleties or nuances of your document are accurately translated in written format.

 We select our translators and proofreaders/editors after careful evaluation and review of their skills, education, and experience. We strive to ensure that only native speakers with expertise in your particular area of need are used for your project. In this manner  we are able to provide you with a quality translation that reads naturally, without errors and delivers your message clearly and precisely.

Q. What does translation cost?
R. Translations are generally charged according to the target language word count. Rates vary by language and a variety of other factors described below. To provide an accurate and binding quote, we will need to receive the original document by fax, regular mail, overnight courier or electronic mail. more-->

Q. What goes into determining translation costs?
R. Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the project, the languages involved, number of words and turnaround time required. Also important to this process is whether the translation project requires any additional services such as back translation, desktop publishing/typesetting, layout design, and localization consultation just to name a few.

Q. What is the turnaround timeframe for translation?
R. Translation is not simply typing in a foreign language or looking up every word in a dictionary. It is both an art and a science wherein the translator ensures that the original source document is accurately reflected in the translation while maintaining the integrity of both the target and source languages.

We take the time to do thorough research and investigation in order to produce an accurate translation of your document. And in addition to the research and translation phases, we also take the time to have your document read and reviewed by our professional copy editor in an effort to assure that your translation is error-free and as close to perfect as possible.

Additional services such as typesetting and design work add to the time needed to complete the project. Factors such as volume, complexity and language are others factors to be considered. We will provide you with a firm deadline upon receipt of your order for services and all materials necessary for the project (i.e. electronic files, hard copies, etc. as applicable).

Q. How do you deliver the translation back to us?
R. We can deliver the translation to you via hard copy, electronic mail, file transfer or ftp upload.

Q. How do I get an estimate for translation?
R. On our Pricing information page, you will find information about the data we need in order to provide you an approximate estimate of translation cost and turnaround time. Without seeing the actual document(s) to be translated and/or typeset, we can only give you ball park figures, provided we have been given certain required information such as number of pages, number of words in the document, etc. 

If we receive a complete copy of the document to be translated, we can then provide you a binding estimate in writing. Because each project is unique, we do not quote on a per page basis nor are we able to provide quotes without first obtaining a certain amount of detail about your project.

Should you have any other questions about translation, please feel free to contact us. We may be reached via e-mail at