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Pricing and Quotes

Translations are generally charged according to the target language word count. Our prices vary depending on the complexity, number of words and turnaround time required. To provide an accurate and binding quote, we will need to receive the original document by fax, regular mail, overnight courier or electronic mail. 

Typesetting/desktop publishing is generally charged on a per project rate. Total price is based upon length and language of the document, complexity of the layout and whether the project requires original layout design or overwriting an existing electronic layout file.

To obtain a quotation, please contact us by phone at 860-669-4426 or via e-mail at and include details of your needs as follows: your name and contact information language(s) requested type of document (i.e. brochure, letter, manual, etc.) length of document (number of words, pages, etc.) If possible, a copy of the document(s) in .doc, .rtf or PDF format (Size of attachment may be limited by your e-mail program. If larger than 10 MB, please call us for options.)

We will then send you an estimate via e-mail.


Once we receive your purchase order, we will provide you with the date and time you can expect to receive the completed project. Although we accept RUSH projects, we will be happy to advise you about what other options are available if you have a significant time constraint.